Professionals – your renovation project

Every day, Lum’art works with a number of famous architects and decorators in France and abroad on projects for individual customers and companies alike. Because the brand is reliable, flexible, responsive, and local, it has become very popular among decorating professionals.



Our partners’ high degree of reliability is the product of over fifty years of expertise in the high-end lighting industry. During this time, Lum’art products have been installed in a large number of hotels, restaurants, public buildings, and private residences. Our customers’ satisfaction following the completion of projects in Europe, Asia, and the United States is the result of an impeccable level of service and production, both of which are top priorities for the brand.

Thank you for your spot-on advice, technical support, and quick response time, which allowed us fully satisfy our customer while adhering to both the project’s technical specifications and deadlines. For an architectural firm like ours, this kind of service is priceless.


Because our manufacturing process is primarily manual, we can adapt our models to meet the needs of even the most demanding professionals. As a result, we can offer new sizes, installation options, and finishes for specific projects without ever compromising on the high quality and beautiful aesthetics that have made the brand so successful.


Built exclusively in our workshops in France, our models are made by request and are available within five to six weeks. They can then be shipped anywhere in the world. Because each product is unique, there are no minimum order requirements.

Local approach

The company’s small size means teams can answer any request for a quote or additional information without 24 to 48 hours. Our bilingual team is trained to discuss any topic with an international audience and quickly understand the various issues involved with a project.