Private customers – your renovation project

With more than fifty years of experience, Lum’art provides you with advice and expertise to help you choose your indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

Interior design

Thanks to Lum’art’s large range of products, you’re sure the find the perfect solution no matter which room you’re renovating, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, dining room, lobby, corridor, entry way, kitchen, or bathroom!
A modern light can be paired with a more traditional finish to showcase a classic or romantic interior, while more vintage models can be combined with a modern finish to fit seamlessly with a designer aesthetic. A subtle blend between style, size, and finish results in the lighting solution that complements its architectural and decorative environment to perfection.

The customized advice from the Lum’art team helped me select lights that matched perfectly with the architectural style and dimensions of our house.

Outdoor renovations

With its vast catalogue of outdoor lighting products, Lum’art offers each of its customers a customised approach. Whether it’s for a seventeenth-century castle, a nineteenth-century townhouse, a country house in the Perche region, a mas in Provence, a modern apartment, a mountain chalet, or a seaside home, Lum’art’s collections offer authentic and elegant solutions.

Lum’art’s experts are eager to help you select the perfect design, shape, size, installation method, and finish, thereby offering you unique lights that blend in seamlessly with your outdoor space and showcase your facades and gardens to perfection.

Our experts take several criteria into consideration, including:

  1. the building’s architectural style
  2. the materials used
  3. the type of roofing
  4. the placement of electrical outlets, etc.

In order to facilitate the conversation and receive the best possible advice, feel free to send us photos and plans of your house or the area you want to renovate. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. This type of customised advice is priceless and allows Lum’art to assist you doing the selection process and ensure your complete satisfaction so that you can enjoy your exceptional lighting solutions for many years to come.